Agreement of the service include the following normal IT services defined as virus removal, routine device maintenance, upgrade service, data backup, device connectivity, education and general questions. The agreement does not cost of parts, or devices replaced (e.g.: power and supply replaced, power supply part is billed, and service fee is covered in agreement). Agreement is for listed devices only. Total of onsite service calls are listed above; no other service calls will be performed inside the scope of this agreement. Additional service calls will be performed at regular hourly rate with prevailing agreed discount. Agreement for Uptime is for Stated devices(s) only. Furthermore, this is not a warranty or a guarantee. Client agrees that it is their responsibility to maintain their device and any damages are not the fault of Company. Client will indemnify Company for any damages in the scope of this agreement or any other agreement. 

Client will not hold Company accountable for any consequential damages during service.

Fuel charge is per trip and is not included in the agreed monthly amount.

Company is not liable for loss of property or data with the scope of this agreement.

Agreement terms, prices subject to change. Current Terms and Conditions listed at

This agreement is not a warranty. Company reserves the right to cancel agreement at any time and will notify customer via email or mail if contract has been cancelled.

The Customer agrees to a Month to month service period. If customer wishes to terminate their relationship with Company; Company reserves the right to assess fees for any licenses Company has provided. Client will also be expected to pay in full, immediately, upon termination of this agreement, any fees and/or balances due.