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Terms and Conditions

DataCom Technologies, LLC is a Managed Service Provider, hereafter referred to as an “MSP”. DataCom provides IT services to individuals and companies that have read and agreed to the following agreement, hereafter referred to as the “Client”. DataCom provides IT services that are limited to managing devices, installing antivirus, identifying computer failures, supplying updates to the devices, IT consulting in areas such as device and network security, and assisting the client in achieving device efficiency. DataCom assumes no responsibility for any incidental and or consequential damages. DataCom is not an internet provider. DataCom does not manage the input of the internet into Client’s establishment. DataCom Technologies LLC will not indemnify client for any damages in the scope of this agreement or any other agreement.


What we provide:

  • IT Consulting

It is within the scope of DataCom Technologies, LLC to consult prospective and existing Clients on matters pertaining to IT management. We will visit your establishment and view your various devices and how your internet is distributed once it has entered your establishment and which devices has access to the network. We will likely recommend applicable equipment such as a server, VOIP phones, updated computers, firewalls, network access points and software, such as Office 365, antivirus, and backup options.


  • Managed Service Provider

It is within the scope of DataCom Technologies, LLC to provide managed IT services. Our clients are expected to allow us to monitor their system and to grant us remote access to their systems so that we can be first notified of issues around the various systems DataCom monitors. This remote access lets us identify and rectify issues within the 

various devices managed and viewable by the network that may be having issues and running inefficiently.


  • IT Security and Cyber Security

We provide services and equipment that make security a priority. Our primary goal is to design an IT system for your organization that is safe and secure, and free from attacks both from the inside and out. It is our expectation and requirement that all current and prospective clients share this as a priority in their organization as well. 


What we require from you:

  • Client will acknowledge that DataCom Technologies, LLC is not their internet service provider. Client acknowledges that DataCom Technologies, LLC does not provide support for or manage apps on their system we have not expressly contracted with the Client to support. Issues arising from apps/software/programs not supported by DataCom Technologies will usually require the Client to reach out to the provider of the unsupported applications/software/programs to speak with their help desk concerning the issue. DataCom may reach out to the application support team on behalf of the Client, but may not be able to in every case. Therefore, the Client agrees and acknowledges that receiving support for applications/software/programs not supported by DataCom remains primarily the responsibility of the Client.


  • Client will agree to allow DataCom Technologies to manage how their bandwidth is distributed and used by devices in their establishment. Client will disclose all devices that have access to the network and will allow DataCom Technologies, LLC to implement


  • Security measures, such as firewalls, antivirus and user logins to use the network. All non-recognized devices and requests for access will be denied for the security of the system. (Please See Appendix A, Section B, Articles I – VI.) If the Client does not agree to these terms, then Client may be considered in breach of contract, pursuant to the Standards of Relationship Agreement. See Appendix A.  


  • Client will agree to not tamper, manipulate, diagnose, any equipment, lines, computers, or phones or other device that is relevant to its function on the network. Client will agree to not make changes without notification to DataCom Technologies LLC. See Appendix A, Section B, Article VII.


  • Client acknowledges and agrees to develop and enforce a security policy and submit it to DataCom Technologies for our files and to verify that our proposed security protocols and measures are meeting the expectations of the client. If Client does not comply, a security protocol will be established on their behalf and DataCom Technologies, LLC will present the Client with an accompanying policy, outlining the Client’s responsibilities for their security on their system. Client acknowledges and agrees that security of their system is their primary responsibility and will make necessary strides to protect their company data, as if it were their own personal data. If this is a medical provider, Provider agrees to update HIPAA agreement notifying its patients that DataCom Technologies, LLC is your IT provider.

  • Client acknowledges that DataCom Technologies is not an emergency IT service. Client acknowledges that DataCom triages all calls and will respond to each one first by priority level and then by order received.


  • Client acknowledges and agrees to pay all bills promptly, upon receipt, and in the order, they were received (Appendix A, Section B, Article XI) unless otherwise noted on invoice or previously agreed upon in writing.

  • Client acknowledges that if they are found to be non compliant with the Articles in Appendix A, Section B, or any of the above statements, they will be considered in breach of contract and will result in immediate termination of relationship and discharge of client.


  • Client agrees and acknowledges that if they choose not to allow DataCom Technologies, LLC to install a Layer 7 Firewall, employ 24/7 monitoring and managed antivirus through DataCom Technologies, to sign a liability waiver.




And lastly, this…

We can’t please everyone. In fact, we’re not even going to try.


Pleasing everyone with our work is impossible. It wastes the time of our best customers and annoys our staff. Great success can happen when we maintain focus upon those who are the rightful targets of the work in order to bring security and then efficiency. We will work with you to determine your expectations and goals and make sure they continue to align with the service we provide. Managed service IT companies, such as DataCom Technologies, are designed to build a more secure and effective computer system.  This could result in you (Client) feeling as if the system is not setup as you had thought it might.  But it does meet or exceed the primary goals of obtaining effective network and system security and after that achieving efficiency.  By signing this contract, you volunteer your commitment to this vital standard and the trust in our expertise that it requires. If, in the course of our work with you, we are required to meet the wrong expectations, or work outside our values, Honesty and Integrity, Quality, and Security, or change the order of our priorities in meeting your IT needs, our work with you must cease.

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Your commitment to your IT success will be directly reflected in the results. By hiring our agency you’ve enlisted our expertise at how best to accomplish the goals that your team and our team have defined. In order to accomplish those goals, we require your participation and cooperation – even if you don’t fully understand some of the elements of that participation (which we’ll work hard to make clear). In the end, we can only accomplish what we are allowed to accomplish; the quality of the result will depend significantly on the quality of your participation.