Why Have a Cyber Security Plan?

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Passwords are one of the weakest points in cyber security

Cyber Security is as important as locking the door at night or setting the alarm. If you do have a plan in place for cyber security you are destined for a breach in your company.

And constantly I am frustrated by potential clients I am speaking with that do not regard this as a serious things. The attitude is often "It will not happen to me" and the reality it probably already has happened and you do not realize. 

You would not imagine leaving the office without locking the door. 

Would you leave money laying on the  lobby floor, checks from customers setting in the conference room?

No, these are terrible ideas. All these open you up to risk.

Another sentence I hear far to often is "I'll call you when I have a problem". And while that sounds like a good reason and maybe potential clients are saying this to get rid of the salesman me, it is an indication that they do not understand the risks out there. If you wait to call me it is likely to late the damage is done. If you call me after a problem has happened I will tell you what happened and if there is any fix, but it likely will cost you significantly more than if you had proactively resolved potential problems. 

These are some of the common scenarios I see almost everyday that could save you from a breach.

Not locking your computer

If you have any experience with IT pro you have heard this before. However it is something I have seen time and time again. The computers are unlocked and easily accessible for anyone to walk up and go through important company documentation. You may not think this a problem until your customers information is stolen then unfortunately after you are filing an insurance claim for this breach you will be 

more careful. 

Bad Password or No Password

Where is the password to your computer? If you say you don'g have one or its on a sticky note under your keyboard. You are open to a lot of trouble. Having your password under your keyboard is like leaving your key under the rug on your porch. Or just not locking your door at all. 

Outdated Anti virus or no Anti Virus

Far to often I look at a system and the Anti virus is out of date there are not automatic updates or it is a free version that is far below the need that the client has. Many times there is no Anti Virus installed. Usually this is out of convenience that the user thinks that not having Anti Virus slows down their computer or slows down their work. If your computer slows down because it is not because of the Anti Virus you have the wrong computer for you. 

What can you do?

You need to work with a consultant that understands the risks and can asses your risks and help you to mitigate them. Proactive care will save you more in the long run.

Nate Sheen own a computer and network manged service company in Ohio. He serves clients all over the Us. You can visit his website at www.datacomtechnologies.net 

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