Why do Hard Drive Die?

Hard Drives are part of the backbone of any computer's functionality. Without a Hard drive you do not have a functioning computer.

There are many types of Hard drives, and unless you have a mobile device or bought your computer yesterday you likely have a HDD.

Today there are two common drives for consumer computers HDD and SSD. We will cover these two today.

HDD Hard drive
The Hard Drive in your computer

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

This drive literally has a spinning disk inside of it and there is a read/ write head that reads and writes. Over time I am sure you can imagine this drive breaks down. It can only take so many reads and writes from the head. Imagine a record player or a cd, these get scratched, an HDD does not get scratched but it gets worn. The wear is not something you can see without magnification.

Repair is optional, however this is expensive and considering the price of this many opt to just replace as you can buy most HDD's for under $100.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

This drive uses circuits to write date rather than moving parts. This makes the drive more reliable. and faster. These drives do not wear in the same way and have a longer life span. They also can take a more a beating because it is based on signals writing to microchips to read and write and not a spinning disk drive.

Why do Hard Drives Die?

Most often hard drives die because they are at the end of their life. Unfortunately the way HDD's work their lifespan can be as short as one year. There are ranges of quality on these but the longer they read and write the slower they get at this process. Also the surface of these get worn and are not as easy for the read write to see the data and it takes longer for the hard drive to retrieve data.

SSD 's   will fail at some point as well but generally after a few more years. SSD's circuits do where but not at the same rate as the surface of an HDD.

Your Responsibility

If you own a computer you own a hard drive. Every responsible computer owner should have a backup. They should have a second hard drive. We did not cover virtual drives. These are clouds in most cases. You need a cloud backup, these are second hard drives. to protect when your hard drive will fail.

If you need help with your slow hard drive or if you believe it has died you can contact us at DataCom Technologies. We service you with new hard drives and cloud backup storage.

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