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What is the best free Anti Virus?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Anti-Virus is the first thing that any responsible computer owner should have installed on their computer after firing it up for the first time. This question is likely the #1 question I am asked daily about computers. 

However the question should be not which "FREE" but rather which "PAID" anti virus should I get? 

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is so true when it comes to anti-virus. 

Everyday there are news articles about malware attacks and ransomware. And it shocks me so often how unprepared everyone is when it comes to computer security. Many business owners,  purchase a great computer to run their business. However they will not spend $100 or less per year to protect themselves from a malicious attack? Ongoing maintenance and security should always be factored into the cost of your computer. You will end up spending more and experience more loss if you do not. 

What you get for free

Understand how free anti viruses work.

1. Free Anti Viruses are extremely trimmed down versions of the paid versions of the the anti virus product.

2. Free Anti viruses do not have active monitoring.

3. Free Anti- Viruses tell you what happened. 

4. Free Anti Viruses need user action (that's you) to scan. 

5. Most Free Anti-Viruses do not have capability to scan on a schedule. 

6. Free Anti-Viruses do not have auto updates or any updates at all.

When looking for a paid Anti Virus you need the following

1. Active monitoring: this watches your activity on your computer and prevents malicious programs from running. 

2. Scheduled scanning: this scans your computer daily or weekly to verify nothing is missed in the active monitoring. 

3. Consistent updates: the landscape of the viruses changes all the time. You need consistent daily and weekly updates.

4. Link scanning: all links you click on while you browse the internet should be scanned to verify safety before you visit a malicious site.

5. Download scanning: downloads are the #1 way that computers are infected you should have every download scanned before you open them! This post is not sponsored by any anti virus product, I do recommend a few paid products that you can purchase via DataCom Technologies my IT company. Regardless of what you do you should purchase an Anti Virus program right now! If you are not sure what to purchase contact us today and we will get you a product ASAP. 

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