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What is IOT?

Of all the questions I am asked this is the hardest to really answer because this idea is very abstract. To answer this question I will have to define computer networking as a whole. Computer networking is a vast amount of computer that talk to each other. This network (the internet) is made of all sorts of devices connecting to it and they do all sorts of different tasks. IOT is the next generation of this vast network. IOT stands for  "Internet of Things" . Your probably are already thinking, isn't the internet already an internet of things? Yes it is, however these things are more automatic than your computer or phone. These IOT networks when deployed do not need any user interaction to function. They are sensors and devices that perform simple or complicated tasks and report to a central server. An example of a IOT network can be a connected network of traffic sensors. This network could compile the data of traffic light changes. Other sensors could count how many cars drive down particular roads. Further another set of sensors could collect weather information.  Data like this will allow city planners to make decisions on road maintenance building new roads. They may even try to  predict traffic accidents, or traffic slow downs. IOT can be used in so many different ways. It is only the imagination that will limit the  usage of IOT. Of course with all these devices that are connecting to the internet will require more wires to be run. However the dawn of 5G will make more of these networks easier to implement because of the speed of 5G wires will not need to be run to these locations and IOT devices can be set in places that it may be impossible or very expensive to wire.

How does IOT affect the average person?

IOT may not directly affect you as an individual, unless you work in telecom or for a company that specializes in the data collection from IOT devices. However the data collected from IOT devices is believed to help better our lives from the data collected. It is believed that the data will allow leaders to better make decisions based on the data collected. Time will tell. Security and Privacy of  IOT With the rise of IOT there are many concerns with security and privacy. These networks will collect information about you and everyone around you. You may not like these networks collecting this type of information. However it may be impossible to not have your information or patterns collected from IOT networks. Also security has to be a big concern with IOT because hackers with different agenda may want to steal the data collected or manipulate the data to look a certain way to change decisions . As IOT becomes more common you will hear more discussion about security and privacy. 

If you need help implementing an IOT network or you are concerned about your privacy on the internet contact DataCom Technologies for all your technology needs and questions.

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