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What is a DDOS Attack?

Unfortunately in IT there are a lot of acronyms. And DDOS is no simple acronym. 

DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, which does not give us any explanation. 

DDOS attacks can be the hardest and the scariest type of attack to deal with as a business owner. 

In my career I have only dealt with this on rare occasions. 

On the dark web there is software that can be purchased to launch a DDOS attack. This has made it very easy to launch these types of attacks.

How does a DDOS attack work?

An attacker will launch this sophisticated attack from multiple locations in an attempt to flood your network or website with so much traffic that it cripples you. Typically these attacks are targeted at a website and not a network. Generally these types of attacks are targeted at large companies. However DDOS like attacks can happen to small companies and residential. A hacker could make you apart of their DDOS attack by using your network resources to attack a large company. This will also cripple you network as they will attempt to use all the resources you have available to cripple the victim. A DDOS attack will send millions of requests to the victim to try to get the system to crash. The goal is to cause financial loss to the company. 

How to protect against a DDOS attack?

There are literally thousands of products that are meant to protect against DDOS attacks. There are companies that have DDOS threat protections you can purchase. These services will assume all the data that is flooded into your network or website and clean it and send the clean data back to you. 

Many modern firewalls have built in tools to protect from DDOS and they can be very effective. However a DDOS attack can cripple a firewall and you may need a DDOS protection service. 

Anti virus protection is also very important for your computers. Enterprise level anti virus software has built in protections for DDOS attacks. 

A DDOS attack is rare for the majority of my readers however it could be a reality. If you are concerned about a DDOS attack or you have other cyber security concerns DataCom Technologies has the services and experience to protect you.

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