What is a Cloud?

Sky rise office Building
A Cloud is like an Sky Rise

There is a lot of talk about Clouds, not the clouds in the sky but rather the virtual clouds we all seem to have but have no idea what to do with.

I hope to clear up the misconceptions about clouds and help you understand what they are and how exciting they really can be.

Think of a cloud like a sky rise. In this sky rise there is a hotel, there are apartments and business suites and even a penthouse at the top. From the lobby everyone enters and goes to their places of business or homes. Everyone rents something here, they rent from the building owner and the building owner may live or have an office here as well.

Let's relate this to the cloud. The cloud is a computer that stores things for people like you and businesses. You may own a business. You may want to store all your files in an apartment for a long period of time and come by from time to time and get something. Another person may need temporary storage like a the hotel patron. And another may need many people to come and go. You may need a business unit. The penthouse unit is a special customer they will likely have a special entrance to the server even a special fast connection with 24/7 security.

Further this is

not the only cloud. There are likely hundreds of servers in one area and you could have or all your data saved in separate servers or your data spread across many for  data security and in case something there is a breach in one cloud another can keep you running.

Is the cloud secure?

The cloud is as secure as you keep the keys for your house. You need to keep your data in the cloud secure You would not leave your key under a rock outside your door... or maybe you would. Clouds are only as secure as you make them. Be sure you have good passwords and good operating procedures. Do not give your password out to anyone. Do not keep your password written down. There are so many other password procedures but these are beyond the scope of this article.

For more information on the cloud or how to choose the right cloud for you you can contact us at DataCom Technologies

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Nate Sheen owns DataCom Technologies. DataCom Technologies is a computer management service company located in Ohio. They manage cloud computing for their clients. If you need cloud computing management DataCom Technologies has the tools to help you manage your cloud effectively.

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