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What is 5G

5G is something that everyone talking about. The media keeps talking 5G and saying how much a game changer 5G will be. And yet what difference does it make and will it really be a game changer?

If you read our previous blog about bandwith this, relates in a lot of ways. 5G is a wireless technology that providers like Verizon, and ATT, Sprint plan to use to increase speed.

Back a few years ago the big push was 4G.  4G was great for it's time. It allowed us to watch videos on a quick connection and really changed the mobile speeds of times gone past. 4G pushed us to a wireless level that had never seen before and it brought us to the edge of the capabilities of long range speed. In short 4G is the fastest data can run based on the distance you are from the transmitter. I will not get to technical as this is not a technical blog. 4G is fast, 5G is faster.

Here is how 5G is faster. 5G involves the companies that provide it to build out more points of access. Just like with the dawn of cell phones you saw lots of cell towers being built. There will be more towers needed. Likely you will not see more of the old school ugly towers every where but rather the carriers will work with commercial property owners and use other relationships to install devices on buildings.  The speed that 5G is capable of will require the access point to be closer to the users.

How fast is 5G?  It's is fast; you will be able to download a full length movie on a wireless connection in seconds not minutes or hours. 5G will have the speed capability of a wired connection.

When will 5G be available? It is is available in some markets now. Chicago, LA and Atlanta with several other cities planned in the 4th quarter of 2019. 5G is also a reality in Tokyo and Bejing. Just because 5G is available does not mean you can connect. You must have a 5G device and that does not seem to be happening very fast right now. There are plans for 5G but no one phone or tablet on the market is really ready for this technology. Some high end devices are ready for this but as of yet it is not ready for the consumer market. More information to come as we know.


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