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Upgrading to Windows 10

Yes it is true, January 2020 is the end of the road for Windows 7.

It is necessary to end use of this very popular operating system. At this point Windows 10 is a proven mainstream operating system. Some may not like windows 10 but now is the time to move on.

Windows 10 is more secure than Windows 7 and it is here to stay. 

So let's get you updated!

How much will it cost to update to windows 10?

Most (not all) Windows 7 licenses are allowed to upgrade to windows 10 for no license fee.

If you are a DataCom Technologies Uptime Subscriber, you can upgrade with no service charge on any covered device! Otherwise a standard service fee will apply. This is all the more reason to subscribe! All new subscribers can upgrade to Windows 10 with no service fee. 

Will I be able to keep all my applications when I upgrade?

Most (not all) applications are written to upgrade to windows 10. An evaluation of your current applications is necessary to determine if any applications will not upgrade.

DataCom Technologies is updating computers to windows 10 everyday. We are very confident with this process. If you are an uptime client we will not force this to happen, you have to request us to upgrade your computer. 

At some point in the future we will no longer support Windows 7 in the same fashion we do today. So it is imperative you upgrade. 

Contact us to upgrade today. 



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