Do Macs get Hacked?

A hacker on a Mac computer

There is a misconception out there that if you have a Mac, you are exempt from getting hacked. However the real answer is yes Macs get hacked. In many cases this is due to social hacking (read my previous blog on this). Computer operating systems in general are similar enough that malware developers can easily create a version for each operating system.

Are you less likely to get hacked if you have a Mac? The only way you are less likely to get hacked is to use quality tools and educate yourself on scams and cyber security. Just because you have a Mac will not automatically protect you from hacking. How to protect yourself on a Mac? Anti-virus is highly recommended for all Macs. I install Anti Virus on all Macs I manage. Not a free anti virus but a high quality anti-virus. See my blog on anti-virus. Also educate yourself about how scammers work because they are very sneaky and will convince you to navigate around the built in security features on your Mac and infect your machine.

Any computer can be hacked, and any person can be scammed. There was a time that hackers did not focus on Macs because there were not many out there. However Mac has gained more market share. Because of the rise of scams and social hacking you are more likely to be hacked no matter what computer you have. No one is exempt from hackers and scammers. Do not fool yourself.

If you have a Mac or have a computer you need to protect yourself from scammers and hackers. Contact DataCom Technologies to secure your digital life Listen to the Podcast 

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