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Corvid-19 Coronavirus update

There is much concern at this time due the Coronavirus Pandemic. We at DataCom Technologies are taking this threat serious and have the following procedures in place for your protection.

  • We work remote on your machines as much as possible. This eliminates the spread of any germs.

  • If we do come onsite or you come to our office, hand washing is always implemented by our staff. Also we may wear gloves for ours and your protection.

  • All devices that come in from the outside are sanitized.

  • All stations are sanitized by our staff daily.

  • If any of our staff is ill we have them stay home.

How DataCom Technologies can help your business during this time

DataCom Technologies is ready to help you implement remote software if you decide to have your staff work remotely. Much of this if all of this technology can be implemented for you without a site visit. If you purchase Office 365 from us now, you have the capability to have your entire staff work remote.

Other considerations during this time

There are many scams out there asking you to give money to victims of Coronavirus. Please be aware that unsolicited emails and phone calls should be highly suspicious from any source. We recommend you partner with a local non profit or business to help.

If we can help you with this or any other tech questions contact us at datacomtechnologies.net

Learn more about our Uptime service that includes remote services